• How can I obtain the data?

    Unfortunately, DIHARD III has concluded and we are no longer able to distribute the data under the evaluation license. Both the development and evaluation sets have been made available to LDC for publication in their General Catalog, but we do not have a timeframe. For more details, please check with LDC at ldc@ldc.upenn.edu.

  • Must I participate in all tracks in the challenge?

    No. All participants MUST submit to track 1, but participation in track 2 is optional.

  • Must I submit an abstract to the workshop?

    No, you are not required to submit an abstract to the workshop in order to participate. However, all teams are STRONGLY encouraged to submit abstracts.

  • Must I submit a system description?

    YES. All teams are required to submit a system description by the listed deadline that describes their submissions. Guidelines for what to include in these system descriptions and their format are provided in Appendix F of the evaluation plan.

  • Are teams with members from multiple sites?

    Yes, multiple sites may collaborate as a team on a task. However, one participant from each site must sign and upload the LDC data license agreement via the web-interface.

  • My team participated in a previous DIHARD. Can we use the development or evaluation set from that evaluation for training or development?

    The DIHARD I and II evaluation sets are off limits for ALL PURPOSES. The DIHARD I and II development sets may be used however you wish, though given that they are (with the exception of SEEDLingS) proper subsets of the DIHARD III development set, we expect them to be of limited utility.

  • Can I use the DIHARD III development set to do data simulation and augmentation?

    Yes, development data is free to be used in any way you see fit, including for tuning your current diarization system or augmenting training data.

  • How can I upload the results?

    Please see the results submission instructions.

  • How can I upload my system description?

    Please see the system description instructions.

  • My team participated in both tracks. Should we prepare different system descriptions for each track?

    Please prepare a SINGLE document that details your system and its results on both tracks. You will need to upload this twice (once for track 1 and once for track 2), but there is no need to prepare separate documents.